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Self-Injury: Simple Answers to Complex Questions

Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health announces the publication of the new book: Self-Injury: Simple Answers to Complex Questions (June 2014).

This new publication was jointly authored by several clinical experts from Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital’s Center for Self-Injury Recovery, and is written for both mental health professionals and consumers. The book highlights ever growing trends in non-suicidal self-injury, and serves as an answer guide for understanding self-injury, as well as ideal treatment approaches in order to address these behaviors.

The book is the result of a three-year collaboration among Alexian Brothers associates who work with and study patients who self-injure, as well as their families and treatment providers. In their work, they found that there are often a variety of reasons for self-injury, many of which can be difficult to understand. Families and therapists alike often struggle with how to intervene with these complex behaviors. This book serves as a reliable guide to address those questions.

Self-Injury: Simple Answers to Complex Questions is available on Amazon.

Click here to look inside the book.


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